GoDaddy Collaborates with Paze: Empowering small businesses with simplified checkouts

GoDaddy Collaborates with Paze: Empowering small businesses with simplified checkouts


We are thrilled to announce an empowering partnership as GoDaddy, leader in tools and tech for small businesses worldwide, joins hands with Paze. Together, we are set to provide a quick and convenient online shopping experience for consumers, helping small businesses reduce the number of abandoned carts and ultimately grow their business.

Bringing the convenient Paze checkout to small businesses

GoDaddy's collaboration with Paze enables small businesses across the U.S. to provide a fast and simplified online checkout experience to their customers. Consumers who already use Paze can skip the manual card entry and pay with Paze in just seconds. The innovative checkout experience ensures smooth transactions without the need for 16-digit card number entry or additional usernames and passwords, cutting down on errors and abandoned carts. Paze will be available in the coming weeks to merchants who have a GoDaddy Online Store and are using GoDaddy Payments.

Access to over 150 million cards with Paze

Tapping into access of over 150 million credit and debit cards, GoDaddy is the first website builder to integrate Paze, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience to small businesses and their customers.

The Paze approach aligns perfectly with GoDaddy's mission to empower entrepreneurs by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.

Seamless integration with GoDaddy's platform

The flexible Paze integration offers a seamless, hosted experience customized to fit the diverse needs of small businesses with a GoDaddy Online Store.

“Abandoned carts can be tough to convert after the fact,” said Saurabh Mangal, Head of Payments Products at GoDaddy. “This partnership with Paze will help streamline the checkout experience, making shopping easier for consumers and proactively help small businesses close more sales.”

James Anderson, Managing Director of Paze added, "We are honored to work with GoDaddy, a name synonymous with supporting small businesses online. Together, we are not only making checkouts simpler but also opening doors for businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers. This is innovation with impact.”

Join the future of online retail

Are you interested in transforming your online retail experience? Whether it's simplified checkouts or relationship-building opportunities, Paze has a solution to fit your needs. We'd love to work with you on this exciting journey!

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