Paze announces strength of ecosystem as key participants join to expand ease of connectivity for merchants

Paze announces strength of ecosystem as key participants join to expand ease of connectivity for merchants

Technical integrators make it easy for merchants to offer customers a convenient and tokenized, secure way to check out online that’s offered by their bank or credit union.

With a mission to become the first financial institution-offered online checkout solution of its kind for businesses and consumers alike, Paze◊ provides an innovative checkout experience that helps ensure smooth transactions without the need for manual entry of full card numbers or additional usernames and passwords, cutting down on errors and abandoned carts. Technical integrators play a pivotal role within a merchant’s ecosystem to make this e-commerce checkout optimization possible.

Empowering merchants with seamless integration

According to a recent Paze survey, Optimizing the E-commerce Payment Experiencei, 55% of merchants believe consumers abandon their shopping cart because their preferred payment option was not offered, and 74% believe it is when they must manually enter their credit card information. For simplified checkouts, Paze offers a convenient online shopping experience consumers are seeking, while helping businesses reduce cart abandonment. 

To help build and integrate online checkout systems, many merchants depend on technical integrators to enhance digital growth and transaction enablement. As Paze prepares for its full commercial launch this year, a dynamic participant ecosystem provides easy integration and enables Paze for merchants.

Meet the growing ecosystem of technical integrators

Several technical integrators are exploring options to use Paze to help enable a smooth and hassle-free integration process so merchants can connect to Paze through their existing payments ecosystem, including:

  • Aurus, a unified payments platform becoming the preferred one-stop solution provider for companies thriving on innovation or witnessing exceptional growth in the retail, petroleum, payments and financial services industries.
  • Visa Acceptance Solutions is used by more than 450,000 businesses to enable payment acceptance across numerous channels and geographies using a digital-first approach. Visa Acceptance Solutions allows businesses to scale fast, and with confidence through a single integration to markets worldwide.
  • Endava, a global provider of digital transformation, agile development and intelligent automation services, which helps provide professional services to merchants to integrate with Paze.
  • ​​​ enables consumers to make purchases wherever they are – on social networks, watching videos, on content sites – without having to stop what they’re doing and visit a merchant’s site. firmly’s innovative distributed commerce solution leverages Paze to enable consumers to check out with just a few clicks. Merchants interested in testing Paze can do so via firmly with zero integration required.
  • Spreedly, a payments orchestration platform, enables organizations to easily connect to the global payments ecosystem and leverage the right mix of payment services to create an enterprise-grade payments stack. Offering the value of a flexible, reliable payments strategy, Spreedly helps enable Paze to integrate with merchants faster, at scale.
  • Wink, the only biometric identity and payments platform, whose checkout experience is integrated with Paze. Merchants utilizing Wink’s plug-in checkout technology for e-commerce platforms like Adobe Magento will be able to enjoy the Paze functionality out of the box without writing any line of code including pre-built payment integration with their favorite Paze ready processor. The integration is designed to greatly enhance conversions and reduce fraud for merchants by removing passwords and manual card entry for the hundreds of millions of pre-enrolled Visa and MasterCard cardholders.

A glimpse into the future

Paze is well on its way to changing the e-commerce checkout by eradicating manual entry of consumer card information, through an offering from banks and credit unions that consumers already trust. The growing ecosystem of technical integrators is a critical foundation for Paze to enable convenient merchant integration at scale.

To learn more about joining the dynamic participant ecosystem and helping merchants drive their bottom line by providing a better way to buy or make purchases online, visit

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