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Cinemark and Paze◊: Improving the off-screen movie theater experience with simplified checkout

We have a blockbuster announcement with our newest participating merchant, Cinemark. Cinemark is one of the largest and most influential theatrical exhibition companies in the world, operating theaters throughout North, South and Central America. Whether it’s a romance, a thriller, a drama, or a comedy, this opportunity will provide an off-screen experience that allows moviegoers to easily enjoy the on-screen one. 

Lights, camera, action with Paze◊

Moviegoers will soon delight in the smooth checkout process with Paze. Say “cut” to entering 16-digit card numbers and any associated manual errors. Tokenized transactions for movie theater ticket purchases provide an additional level of security with the checkout process. In essence, customer card numbers are replaced with a representative “token” so that actual card numbers are never used or shared with merchants.

150 million cards coming to a theater near you

Over 150 million credit and debit cards offered by participating banks and credit unions will become available for customers to activate in Paze – and that’s just the preview for the coming attraction. Additional financial institutions joining Paze means more cards eligible for use.

Customized integration supports personalized experiences

Paze uses a customized integration platform, meaning Cinemark can personalize the checkout experience to ensure the best possible one for each purchase.

"Cinemark is focused on making the everyday more cinematic,” said a representative. “Our collaboration with Paze will make the digital ticket purchase process even more convenient for our guests, allowing them to easily secure must-have seats so they can enjoy captivating films on the big screen.”

“We are thrilled to work with Cinemark as they share the silver screen with their over 100 million customers. It is exciting to know that together, we are making the box office experience streamlined and personal,” added Paze Managing Director James Anderson.

Join the streamlined checkout movement

Retailers interested in providing a convenient and personalized checkout experience can visit Create red carpet-worthy moments for your customers and be part of an innovative future with the Paze digital wallet. 


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