The future of e-commerce payment methods

The future of e-commerce payment methods

What can merchants do to reduce consumer friction and eliminate steps during the checkout process? A survey of 101 merchants found that 82% believe a digital wallet offered by banks and credit unions is a key part of the solution. A bank and credit union wallet would grant merchants instant consumer scale and potentially improve loyalty by creating a convenient consumer checkout and account creation experience.

The survey found that 40% of merchants expect to add additional payment options in 2023, and 33% plan to add additional options in 2024. Watch this on-demand webinar with Veronica Correa Janssen, Global Head at Elavon Labs, James Anderson, Managing Director of Paze◊, and Gretchen Salois, Managing Editor, Editorial Content at Digital Commerce 360 to explore whether it makes sense to include Paze in your checkout experience.

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