Teleflora blossoms with Paze: Transforming the flower delivery experience

Teleflora blossoms with Paze: Transforming the flower delivery experience

We are delighted to announce that Teleflora, a leading flower delivery service, is bringing beauty and convenience to the flower buying experience with Paze◊

A bouquet of checkouts with Paze◊

Teleflora's customers can soon enjoy a convenient checkout process through Paze. No more manual errors or tedious entries of 16-digit card numbers. With Paze, the journey from selecting the perfect floral arrangement to completing the purchase is easy and convenient. 

Cultivating a dynamic checkout experience

Teleflora, renowned for its personalized touch and stunning floral creations, has implemented a dynamic checkout experience for Paze. This integration allows Teleflora to continue its tradition of connecting people through the universal language of flowers. 

Access to over 150 million cards with Paze

By tapping into over 150 million credit and debit cards with Paze, Teleflora offers unparalleled convenience to flower lovers across the country. Choosing and sending exquisite bouquets has never been more accessible or delightful. 

Tailor-made integration for Teleflora's unique experience

The flexible Paze integration provides a consistent and tailored shopping experience, seamlessly aligning with Teleflora's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Matt Faulk, VP Finance at Teleflora shared, "Our partnership with Paze blossoms from our shared dedication to simplifying and personalizing the customer experience. The innovative checkout system with Paze, along with the opportunities for direct relationship building, resonates with Teleflora's mission to connect and celebrate life's special moments.”

"We are thrilled to partner with Teleflora, a brand synonymous with elegance and connection. Together, we are planting the seeds for a new era of floral shopping that emphasizes ease, purpose, and, of course, beauty,” said James Anderson, Managing Director at Paze. 

Join the streamlined checkout movement

Retailers interested in cultivating a more streamlined and personalized shopping experience can visit to explore how Paze can help you set new trends in the world of retail.

Become part of a blooming collaboration that's redefining the way people celebrate life's moments. Like Teleflora, let Paze help your business flourish with innovation, connection, and grace. Join us in this garden of possibilities.

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